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JwPlayer 7.12.2 not firing 'progress' Tracking event for VAST

We use JWPlayer 7.12.2, self-hosted. When we get a VAST response that contains Tracking 'progress' events like:
<Tracking event="progress" offset="00:00:15"></Tracking>

The player does not fire a 'progress' event at the 15 second mark. We see the same behaviour with the JWPlayer VAST test player here:

However, when we test the same VAST tag with Google's reference player here:

We do see the view15sec.gif HTTP request being made successfully in Chrome debugger. As I understand it, 'progress' events are an official part of the VAST 3.0 specification.
Does JWPlayer not support 'progress' Tracking events?



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I forgot to say, the VAST URL we are requesting is:[page-url]&random=[random]


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Rem,

I have responded to your email support case regarding this.

Thank you.

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