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Deleting a player, what happens to the live embeds?

I need to delete redundnat players from my playlist.

What will happen to embeds live in web pages, with the embed script already in use? will the videos still play?

Considering i had two players, embedded equally between 1000 pages. If i will delete the second player, will all 500 embeds will become inactive? or it will fallback to the default system player or the remaining player??

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

If you have a cloud-hosted player library embedded on your site and you delete that specific player from your account, no player will be shown on your site. There would be no way for our player to fallback to a different player library.

Thank you.


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Thanks Alex.

Sounds to me like this edge case, while it is not that common, is crucial.

So in case i want to verify i will always have a working player, i have to download it? to my servers?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Dan,

If you delete a player from your account, the embed will no longer work. It is similar to if you were embedding an image on a web site and then you delete the image from your server, the image would no longer be visible on your site.

You cannot download cloud-hosted players for use on your own servers but you can download the self-hosted version of the player which is for this very purpose – hosting the player on your own server. You can find the self-hosted player on the “Downloads” page of your Dashboard.

I also see that you are also speaking with my colleague, Donni, regarding this. I will ask that you continue this conversation with him to consolidate everything in one support case.

Thank you.

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