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How can I have access to stopcasting callback IOS SDK


I'm currently facing a bit of a challenge with the ios sdk and the chromecast feature.
Indeed I noticed that the stopcasting function calls a callback that set the player associated to play everytime or at least start the buffering of the video again and then set play on the player.
I really need to override this behavior but I can't figure out what function or delegate to override to modify this behavior and I can't seem to find anything releva

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relevant in the documentation.

I really hope it is possible to override this behavior cause it seems very conter productive to have set built in behaviors in callbacks.

Thank you in advance for any help on this matter.



JW Player Support Agent  
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For me to reproduce this issue reliably I will need this information about your application:

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As the last field suggests, please replicate this issue using the JW Player Demo Application and send us a zipped version of the entire Xcode Project for testing which can be found here:

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