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Loading Playlist via API while video is encoding error

We are using the JW API to create video playlists for videos uploaded to our JW account. The problem is that there is a few minutes where the video playlist breaks on our website after a new video is uploaded into that playlist. We think that it may be breaking while the new video is encoding / processing. The video playlist shows "Error encoding playlist: Playlist error : File not found" while a video is encoding, not allowing our visitors to view any videos while the video that was added to the playlist is encoding. (Note uploading the video is also done via the API and automatically added to a we can't wait until after the video encodes to add it to the playlist).

We THINK the API is getting the video data before it has completely finished processing, breaking the player.

Any way to resolve this issue? Thanks!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

Can you elaborate on how you are embedding the videos? For example, are you querying our API for videos with the status of “ready” and then embedding the Media IDs in a URL scheme? If so, what is the URL scheme you are using?

Thank you in advance.

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