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Ideal `primary` value for JW Player v 7.12.2 during setup?

We recently moved from v6 to v7. We are using the "CLOUD HOSTED PLAYER" approach to load jwplayer on our application.
After the migration, there have been reports from numerous people about videos not playing.
Most of our videos are loaded using an HLS stream + the original file as a fallback(mp4/mov[a weird kind which uses the same codecs used for mp4]).

I tried a lot of ways to overcome the problem but all of my solutions have failed to consistently play on most major browsers.

We have `primary` set to `flash` and I wonder if that is the problem. I will be checking that out soon myself but I want to know what downsides if any removing that `primary` directive does.

I cannot post any public URLs here for now as all of the content is protected so answers without asking for it will be appreciated.
I will try to get a public URL later if it is absolutely required.

Thank you in advance :)

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Another question: Is HLS streaming supported only for paid accounts? seems to suggest that.

Was it not a paid feature in v6?


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HLS playback requires a Premium Subscription. Don’t set a primary at all. By default it’s HTML now and since our player will play HLS in HTML5 in all modern browsers and OS you won’t need flash.

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