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mp3 streaming with JWPlayer 7.12.1 vs. 7.8.7

Hi all,

We seem to be having issues streaming mp3s to Microsoft browsers. JWPlayer 7.12.1 appears to stop working in all of the following browsers:
IE 11
IE10 (via Emulation mode in IE 11)
IE9 (via Emulation mode in IE 11)

Other browsers seem to work ok.

I know in a more ideal world, the files would be AAC, but they're not. Additionally, mp3 streaming worked just fine in the 7.8.7 version of JWPlayer, but testing the same setup with 7.12.1 seems to break it.

Our setup is a Wowza server 4.6 --> JWPlayer 7.8.7 = Works
Our setup is a Wowza server 4.7 --> JWPlayer 7.8.7 = Works
Our setup is a Wowza server 4.6 --> JWPlayer 7.12.1 = Broken
Our setup is a Wowza server 4.7 --> JWPlayer 7.12.1 = Broken

So this doesn't appear to be a Wowza issue, but very squarely a JWPlayer 7.12.1 issue.

Looking at the network traffic in Edge/IE11...I see the .ts files being "chunked" correctly (so they're making it to the browser?) but the player is simply not playing/finding the data. Or at least that's how it appears.

I also don't THINK it's the script since it works perfectly in version 7.8.7.

-----copy/paste from html page-----

<div controls="true" id="player" type="audio/mpeg">


<script type="text/javascript">
{file: "https://WOWZA:1936/vod/_definst/mp3:59.mp3/playlist.m3u8"},
{file: "rtmp://WOWZA:1935/vod/_definst/mp3:59.mp3"}

primary: "html5",


-----END copy/paste from html page-----

Has anyone had any luck streaming mp3s from a Wowza server to Microsoft browsers with JWPlayer 7.12.1?



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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Dan,

Can you please supply a link to a reproduction page so we can take a look at your issue?

Thank you.

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