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How can I modify the width and height of the player


I am new to JW Player and just registered for a free account. I added a few videos (via Link option from Youtube) and I have created a Player from the left-hand dashboard.

The problem is, whenever I embed those videos on my website, I can't change the height. In the embed code, I can see the height set at 100%. But if I change it nothing happens.

I looked for solutions on the forum and most of them say that I can change the player's dimensions from its code, however, I can't find the code in my JW Dashboard. Could you please give me some details about where I can find the player's code?

And if I have to download it and add it to my WP website, how should I do that?

Also is there some option in the JW dashboard to change the dimensions? Or is this option only for paid memberships?

Is it because I imported the video via Youtube link, that I can't change dimensions?

One answer I found on the forum gave the exact code (i think it was a JS code snippet), however, I am clueless about where I should fit that code.

Just to get an idea of what I am trying to do, here is a link as an example:

I am trying to build portfolio pages that shows my videos just like they show in their portfolio. However, my videos end up way too large in height, so that's why I want to change it.
Any help is much appreciated.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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If embedding a cloud-hosted player, you can edit the player dimensions within the Manage section of your dashboard. Click on the title of an existing player to be directed to edit the Basic Settings page for that specific player. On the left-hand side, the first option you can edit is the player’s dimensions. Select Fixed to set a fixed height and width. Select Responsive, then select the desired aspect ratio, for a player that is responsive (recommended). Editing the basic settings for a player in the dashboard will update all embedded players.

If you don’t want all embedded players to take on the same setting you can override the cloud-hosted player settings in your code by editing the player setup block. Check out the “Custom Embed” section of our Embedding with JW Player support article for basic instructions on how to setup the player with code. Also check out the JW Player Configuration Reference for a list of all configuration options supported when setting up the player.

Please also note that we are no longer maintaining our Youtube integration. It will still be included in the player for the time being, but your mileage may vary and it may work in some situations and not others.

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