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Hide poster image


we are using JWPlatform content within a hosted jwplayer (version 6.12).
We autoplay the video and we found the poster image (at the beginning and the end of the video) is really disturbing. When I load my page, under 1-2 seconds, there is a white square, black square, poster image then the video starts.

I can't optimize the loading of the video, but I least, I would like to have no poster image before the video starts. Same thing at the end, I would prefer it pause at the last frame or a black screen.

Is it something JWplayer can handle?

Thank you,
Matthieu T.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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If you are using platform-hosted content you should be running JW 7. Since JW 7 changes on our platform are only tested against the latest version of the player, so it is possible that you will not get expected behavior with an older unsupported version of the player.

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