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Adserver vs. Player

What's the role of a an adserver and a player when defining e.g. skippable ad, skippable after x seconds, countdown, ad labeling. Is this Information coming from the adserver or is it part of the player? Are different creatives for the different uses cases necessary? Thanky

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JW Player Support Agent  
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You will want to get started with our documentation here to understand the various ways that ads are delivered, and what JW supports:

With regards to what you list above:
skippable ad, skippable after x seconds, countdown, ad labeling

Depending on whether you are using VAST, Googima, or VPAID ad tags:

VAST: You are able to configure skipping via the player
Googima: Skipping must be configured in the DFP dashboard, skippable Googima ads do not play on mobile
VPAID: Skippable will be configured in the ad creative, we suggest using Javascript creative for the best cross-browser, cross-device support

Our ad tag tester here:

includes some sample ad tags that demonstrate the behavior of a few different ad types we support.

Hope this helps.


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