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Multiple Video Renditions (for audio descriptions)


I know we can have multiple audio renditions for audio descriptions, but can we have multiple video renditions?

The objective is to add audio descriptions for blind users, however, instead of audio files, I would like to be able to toggle between two video files, one with audio descriptions, and one w/o. Basically, exactly everything here, but instead of audio, I want to use video :

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We have no built in functionality for what you are describing, but is there a reason you do not want to just toggle the audio tracks on and off, and instead are looking to swap out videos files? For what you would like to do, as far I understand, the best approach would be to set up a button UI using our Javascript API, and switch our your videos as desired that way. Please start with our documentation here:

Some of our demos here may also be of help:


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