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I assume this is the right place. I did a search for video player errors and found this player. You guys have this error FAQ here .

Quite frankly, this is RIDICULOUS. It just doesn't work. Or it works terribly. New system Win 10 pro, great connection, all other apps work, but your player, insanely bad. Every kind of error you can think of and none of it makes sense. This functionality has been around for years. It's not rocket science. Your application is terrible, plainly put.

Playable source not found.
Reload works for 10 minutes. Starts skipping.
Reload works for 3 minutes. Starts skipping badly and hangs.
Close browser, reopen, program ask to resume, I say yes, it does and hangs in 2 minutes.
Close browser, reopen, program ask to resume, I say yes, it restarts from the start.
Then it says playable source not found again.
I clear cache, go change hardware setting, crap I do not do for ANYTHING else, it makes zero difference

Your errors page is a joke. The fact that there are that many typical issues is nonsensical. Netflix works just fine. But sites using your player, are so frustrating I cannot even use them. I do not want to read your FAQ. You fix your horrible software please. Seriously. I have 30+ years as a senior software architect. I can't believe sites use this code.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

When I visit, I see the same “No Playable Sources” error but when I take a look – it does not look like any content is being successfully embedded in the player:

  playlist: Array(0),
  playlistItem: undefined

If you are a user of, I recommend you contact their support team for assistance.

Thank you.

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