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Embedding JwPlayer into a C# .NET Application

We are developing an application thatn consumes video from many sources. Many times coming from surveillance cameras so we need close to real time video streaming capabilities.
One of our video providers (similar to Wowza) is able to send video streams using RTMP.

I have tried already many other flash based video players (flashhls, grindplayer, Strobe, osmf, unreal, visioforge and so on). We are not completely satisfied with the results. Some of them lack of any ExternalInterface capabilites, and some other just behaves badly over time (they get frozen or delayed on a long play (>48h).

So I am right now evaluating other options like JWPlayer. I have found some references in the blog regarding embedding but those related to C# or winforms seemed quite old, and links were not working. Also since Jw6, html embedding is not supported and it was the easiest way to embed the player, and links to download older JWplayer or code doesn't work either.

So now I am facing the task to embed JWPlayer and evaluate it. I think I will be able to communicate with the embedded flash player using ClearScript ( the problem I am facing right now is that whenever the player is executed from anything different that a web page hosted in a web server it just does not work. I mean, you can see the Play button (so at least the script and the Hmil5 fallback loads) but when you click play it says "Flash Plugin Failed to load"

So questions:
- Is my objective feasable? this player might be loading in a completelly offline environment so if license key is checked online then I will have to discard this player.
- Is it possible to load the player without using a web server? (I place every file in the same folder and open html directly from windows explorer)
- Is there any code/test/example to accomplish this.

As you might imagine this is a very preliminary step before deciding the use of the player and is not exactly the use JwPlayer is suppose to be used and now pricing options matches our needs.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

We do not officially supported embedding our player in C# .NET applications. As with anything that is not officially supported, your mileage my vary and somethings may work and some others things may not. We can only provide support for embedding our player using JavaScript on the web, or in our native mobile SDKs for both iOS and Android.

Thank you.

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