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What would cause a player not to go fullscreen on ios?

I have an overlay that holds the player. When a users clicks a button in the page the overlay is visible and the player plays the content. However the video is not going to native fullscreen on Safari ios. Should it? Can I force it to? I thought this was the default behavior? What could cause it not to go native fullscreen?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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For me to reproduce this issue reliably I will need the following information:

Browser name and version:
Operating System name and version:
Device make and model:
Provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue on your page:
A test page replicating the issue as described in the document below:

The test page must not contain any additional code or CSS, it must only contain the player and concrete steps to reproduce with expected and actual behavior.


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I have figured out that if I remove "playsinline" from the video properties it works correctly. Is there a way to disabled that property from being added?


JW Player Support Agent  
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There’s no api to remove it, but you can manually remove as you have.

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