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Android Native SDK - Streatching option like FILL, EXACT_FILL, UNIFORM, NONE are not working

1. In Web I can see some options like Exact fit/ fill to remove black borders around the player. I have implemented Androrid SDK and able to play m3u8 file but it shows black borders around. I used below option but still the same.


2. I have implemented JwPlayer in RecyclerView. I just placed the player only in active index row position. While Playing first video I just got black flickering effect on screen. I refered this github sample. It shows the same

Can one pls support on this? Thanks in advance

4 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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1. You need to setStretching prior to instantiation.

2. We advice against using multiple players within the same screen:
Using the player within a ListView or RecyclerView is not fully supported due to known limitations, such as the use of a SurfaceView.


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Thanks for the help. It works perfect!

Vaishnavi K

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I'm playing my m3u8 live stream video url which says "IILEGAL STATE EXCEPTION". This happens only in some of the devices. Provided below the device details.
Your timely help would be helpful for us. Thank you.

Video not playing in the below device: Says IILEGAL STATE EXCEPTION
Device Name : moto e (2nd generation)
Android Version : 5.1

Same video getting played in this device:
Device Name: Moto G
Android Version: 5.1

I have pasted my m3u8 URL in the sample project you gave above StretchingExample. It throws the same error message


JW Player Support Agent  
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Sounds like it’s a device specific issue. The device may not be able to play that content.

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