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JwPlayer controls not showing up at bottom of player on IOS devices

can anyone help with this, heres my code. I have <!DOCTYPE html>
<html> top of page....what version of jwplayer is best for this? mp3 player

<!-- Player code here -->
<script type='text/javascript'>jwplayer('mediaspace').setup({

'playlistfile': './playlist.php?album=<?php echo $album; ?>',
'flashplayer': './mediaplayer/player.swf',
'playlist.position': 'right',
'playlist.size': '240',
'bufferlength': '5',
'mute': 'false',
'controlbar': 'bottom',
'width': '220',
'height': '280',
'repeat' : 'list',
'volume' : '100',
'stretching' : 'none',
'quality' : 'false',
'lightcolor' : 'CCCCCC',
'frontcolor' : 'FFFFFF',
'logo.hide' : 'false',
'shuffle' : 'false',
'skin' : './mediaplayer/modieus/modieus.xml',
'shownavigation': 'true',
'controlbar': 'bottom',

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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For me to reproduce this issue reliably I will need the following information:

Browser name and version:
Operating System name and version:
Device make and model:
Provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue on your page:
A test page replicating the issue as described in the document below:

The test page must not contain any additional code or CSS, it must only contain the player and concrete steps to reproduce with expected and actual behavior.

In general, on iOS there are times that the native media player will take over, so please include a screenshot of the issue as well.


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HI , question... I started with Jwplayer over 15 yrs ago. I have been using the old media player, work for years but not now. I like the look and way the players works . can I just migrate what I have to work with Jwplayer7 and IOS? please provide instructions and replacement code, easy way.


JW Player Support Agent  
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JW Player does not offer custom code solutions, you’ll have to contact a web developer to help you migrate to JW7.

Relevant documentation:

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