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JWP7: Setup Timeout Error

I know, it was a million time asked, but advice in this posts not helping me.
Some time we using previous version of JWP, now we upg to 7, i replace XXX.js, add jwplayer.key string. But only i have - Setup Timeout Error, Same problem with cloud version of js.
Our source is RTMP. Try at win7 chrome, IE9, ubuntu 16 firefox.
Call of jwp:
<script src=''></script>
<div id='someID'></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>jwplayer('someID').setup({file: 'rtmp://x.x.x.x/stream', width: '320', height: '240'})</script>
What i am doing wrong?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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First, read the Browser & Device Reference and the Media Format Reference page because not all of the browser and OS combinations you listed are supported. Next, take your rtmp stream and play it back on our JW Player Stream Tester. If it doesn’t work there let me know.

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