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Live Broadcast on android chrome

When I play an m3u8 file hosted from aws, I am getting 'Live broadcast' in my andriod chrome browser. Though I have master playlist file, I cannot see either the slider or HB button. Pls help me out. And upto what extent we can use HLS in free version.

Here is my setup,

jwoptions = {
id: "myPlayer1",
width: "100%",
"playlist": [
"sources": [
"default": false,
"file": "http://myurl/index.m3u8",
"label": "0",
"type": "hls",
"preload": "none"
primary: "flash",
hlshtml: false

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JW Player Support Agent  
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It seems like this could be an issue with your manifest. Does this stream also say live broadcast in your setup?

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