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HLS streaming

Upto what extent I can access HLS in free account. I mean I have configured JWPLAYER and aws account and transcoded some videos using AWS account. Now, on which Devices I can access it for free with the quality option. I created a manifest file and it has the details as below.


I am testing in mac safari, and I think it is only device I think I can play using free account.(Is any other device supported)

Here are my options,

jwoptions = {
flashplayer: "assets/jwplayer.loader.swf",
id: "myPlayer1",
debug: true,
type: "hls",
hlshtml: true,
autostart: false,
androidhls: true,
width: "100%",
file: $sce.trustAsResourceUrl("http://my-url/index.m3u8"),
hlslabels: {
"535": "High",
"804": "Medium",
"1381": "Low"
primary: "flash",

But, I am not not getting the HD button to toggle the quality. Please help me out.

Thank You

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Safari renders HLS streams natively and takes over quality switching so no HD button is available. The same happens in Edge and Android Chrome.


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Thanks for the reply.

Then is there any way to show the quality HD button with a single master playlist file. (However I can get the HD button by giving multiple sources in the configuration. Is there any other way? ). Also, Now I am facing a new issue, whatever m3u8 file I give, when I play in android chrome, I am getting
'Live Broadcast'. I am not even getting the slider or not the HD button.

Here is that question,

Thank you


JW Player Support Agent  
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No, I’m afraid no HD button for HLS payback in Android Chrome. I’ll have my Android specialist answer your other forum post.

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