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MPEG Dash Encoding on AWS Elastic Encoder

This is off-topic from direct JW related, but I didn't know where else to ask.

I use AWS Elastic Encoder to encode to HLS, and have been trying to get mp4 files transcoded to play in MPEG-Dash.

When I transcode into HLS, I typcially choose 30 sec segments, and for a 5 min video, I get 12 files and a playlist (using one of the built in presets)

When I transcode into MPEG-Dash (using 30 second segments) - I still get one large file. No segments. And no audio. The playlist format seems to be ok - in .mpd format.

Am I supposed to do TWO transcodes for every mpeg-dash transcode? One in video, and the other in audio, with a playlist to tie the two together?

Is there an online tutorial which outlines how to encode into MPEG-Dash format?

Or what do most of you use?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi there,

We would not be able to assist in the production of DASH streams, but I would recommend you reach out to the StackOverflow community using the mpeg-dash tag.

Thank you.

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