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Error loading media: File can not be played

Hello from RU.

I'm using free-version of jwplayer (self-customized).

I'm tryin'to play .mp4 video, but i get an error (which mentioned in topic).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open tab with a jwplayer and play video.
2. Redirect to some other page with jwplayer and different video.
3. Click 'play'

How jwplayer is used: by using <script> tag with link to my personal player.
<script src="[hash].js"></script> // [hash] - id of my player

and somewhere in down//
jwplayer("video").setup({ file: path });

Thank you.

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And one way, which helps me - clear browser cache for page (ctrl + f5), but it not best decision for my me


JW Player Support Agent  
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Please follow the instructions here so we can help troubleshoot.


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@Donni, sorry, but i don't have a opportunity to host test page right now.
I'm gettin' issue on my local IIS while testing application.

But i'm mentioned repro steps, so, i think, this can help.

Can you help without test page?

# Steps
1. Open tab with page, which contains jwplayer with video and click play.
2. Watch some seconds and redirect to other page (like 'return back' button)
3. Redirect to next page with jwplayer and other video and click play

// all videos are .mp4 and playable by direct link

# Expected behavior
Jwplayer plays the video on second page after redirecting

# Actual outcome
Jwplayer report an error "Error loading media: File can not be played"

# Script

# PS
And, i mentioned that in topic message, onlything, which helps me - clear browser cache for page (ctrl + f5)


JW Player Support Agent  
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I can’t reproduce this, I really would need a test page to visit.

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