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Prevent Video Re-downloading on Replay

A while back I asked this question and the only solution was to stop the video about half a second before it ended. Now, this had it's drawbacks as sometimes the video would complete just the same, requiring a reload, or the video would feel like it is cutting early on the user.

We've always seen it as a temp solution to come back to later. So, has JWPlayer created an option to not have the player re-download the video every time the user needs to rewatch? While the move makes sense to JWPlayer to ramp up bandwidth costs, it is terrible for the publsiher. Especially if not running pre-roll. After we force-stopped the player before it reached the end, we saw our bandwidth usage drop a whopping 66%. We'd like to keep this savings, but still want to show the whole video.

Is there any new solution or macro to tell the player not to re-download the video? Just as if the video was paused right at the end and allowed to go back to the beginning.

All feedback appreciated. This would save tons of bandwidth for your users too.


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JW Player Support Agent  
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My understanding is that this behavior is controlled by the individual web browsers. A good test would be to see if a generic <video> tag set to replay will also trigger a new network request for the content.

I will create that test on my side right now. If I see that our player is behaving differently than a <video> tag, I will escalate it to our engineers.


JW Player Support Agent  
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My test shows that Chrome does not make another request for the content in a <video> tag, unlike our player, so I will escalate this a feature request.

I will update you when I get feedback from our engineers.

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