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Unstable iOS Streaming

Our website use JW Player 7.10.1
We got the problem that the live streaming not stable with All iOS device (iOS 9 and above) with JW Player 7.10.1
(Available at 01:00:00 GMT to 02:00:00 GMT and 07:00:00 GMT to 08:00:00 GMT only, other time on request)
Problem: The stream can play well on Desktop and Android Devices, but when it was play in iOS, it will suddently stop after playijng 30 to 40 seconds, and resumes unstably after a while,
the video and audio become not synchronize, and it repeasts stop and then play, then stop...
No problem on non -iOS devices after a long observation period

Any ideas and help? Thanks

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Does the issue happen in fullscreen on iOS or when the player is playing inline? Can you paste the URL of the m3u8 in the address bar in Safari and tell me if the issue occurs when the stream is being played back without our player?


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Hi Donni, thanks for your kind help.

Yes, this issue also happen in fullscreen on iOS.

I tried to paste the URL of the m3u8 on the address bar in Safari (iOS), the page return black in color with the small bar in the center; No streaming shows.
While I paste the URL on the address bar in Safari (Macbook Air), the page can show the video properly.

In addition, the testing iOS version is 10.3.1 and the Safari version (Desktop) is 10.0.1


JW Player Support Agent  
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We use Safari as a benchmark browser since Apple created HLS. If you aren’t able to get playback in Safari outside of our player then it seems there is an issue with the stream itself. I would advise you to partner with your streaming provider or use Apple’s mediastreamvalidator tool to troubleshoot your stream.

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