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iOS Control Center

We are making an iOS application using JW Player.

We have some troubles. You can find below some information about what we want to do and what is not working.

JWPlayer version : 2.6.8 ( no new release notes to 2.7.3 looks fixing our bug)
iOS : 9+

What we try to achieve :
We’d like to populate the iOS Control Center with our own custom metadata.

How we use JW Player :
JW Player is included as a Pod in our iOS (Swift 3) project, and we use it mainly to play audio contents on our app. We play mostly HLS streams and distant mp3 files. We’ve followed your developer guide ( and are using a very basic JWConfig object to initialize the player. For every content we play, we have custom external metadata, coming from multiple webservices.

What we’ve tried so far:
We tried looking at Apple’s own documentation ( and setting our custom metadata. It works for a second but then it seems JW Player takes control over the Control Center and updates its content.
Your Q/A page ( says « You can change the information in the Control Center by implementing the controlCenter function. This function is available as a callback in both our Swift and Objective-C classes. » but we didn’t find any trace of this « controlCenter » function, neither did we find any callbacks regarding control center.

Are we missing something?
Is there something we could try to get a better experience?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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