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Call Vast Tag Later (Or Leave Blank Variable)?

Right now I have:

,advertising: {
client: 'vast'
,tag: ['']

During instance.setup. But, is it possible to create the VAST tag later or through different javascript? I want to do an if/else, on whether to include VAST or not. Or, can I at least use a javascript variable for the VAST tag URL? So something like:

var finalvast = '';

,advertising: {
client: 'vast'
,tag: ['finalvast']

And, if no variable created -- making it blank -- the vast will just be skipped?


2 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Ryan,

I’m a bit confused as to what you’re trying to build. I understand you want to decide the vast url at a later point, but why can’t it be decided prior to setting up the player?

Also, I’d recommend we take this conversation over email. Please submit a ticket through the dashboard and I’ll be right with you.


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Thanks, done.

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