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Media doesn't play when upgrading from 7.7.4 to 7.7.6

When upgrading the player from 7.7.4 to 7.7.6 (or any version higher than that) the player stops working.

The player setup is:

// Nothing fancy
hlshtml: true,
playlist: playlist,
width: playerWidth,
autostart: true

I can trace the issue to a JavaScript error on a blob file at the location:

> blob:http://<>/<Guid>:formatted

The exception is "SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 1036." (I can provide a screenshot for this) and happend at `JSON.parse(i.config);` in this code:

e.addEventListener("message", function(r) {
var i =;
switch (i.cmd) {
case "init":
var a = JSON.parse(i.config);
e.demuxer = new n["default"](t,,i.typeSupported,a);
try {
} catch (s) {
console.warn("demuxerWorker: unable to enable logs")
case "demux":
e.demuxer.push(new Uint8Array(, i.audioCodec, i.videoCodec, i.timeOffset,, i.level,, i.duration, i.accurateTimeOffset)

The variable `i.config` contains a Json object (I can provide the variable content if needed)

Inscpeting the requests in Developer Tools in the browser, I can see a request to `mp4:...mp4/chunklist_...m3u8` and a subsequent request to `mp4:1933..._aac.mp4/chunklist_w13128....m3u8`

After those requests I get the JS error stated above

As all the files are minified it's rather hard to trace what specific change from 7.7.4 to 7.7.6 caused the problem.

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