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OTime method in jwplayer


I am using onTimeListener on Jwplayer

and using its method:-
public void onTime(long position, long duration)

but this method invokes in 1 seconds approx 10 times.

I want to Update value on every second please suggest me any alternative of onTime method
For that i am easily update the value in every second.

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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@Override public void onTime(long l, long l1) { double time = Math.floor(l / 1000); double duration = Math.floor(l1 / 1000); if (mOldTime != time) { mOldTime = time; String output = “/// onTime START ///” + “\n” + “Current time:” + “\n” + time + “s” + “\n” + “Total Duration:” + “\n” + duration + “s” + “\n” + “/// onTime END ///”; setOutput(output); } }


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Can you more explain this solution????


JW Player Support Agent  
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Get the time, floor the time, check the time against the last floored time, if it’s not the same update the old time and fire your once a second call.

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