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Learning the ropes with JW Player / 2fa and embedded adverts

2 questions before I sign up. I film competitive swimmers, generating hundreds of short 3-minute video clips per month. Swimmers wish to view their individual clips from home and/or on their phones.

I would like to have 2fa ( two factor authenticaition ) for every clip. Can't be too careful when providing video of kids in swim suits. Does JW provide this feature? If not, would I be able to find a developer to do this for me inexpensively?

Second, I would like to take ( paid ) advertising content from say, Speedo/Nike/UnderArmour and position it at the beginning of each clip. i.e. gotta watch the ad before you see your swim video clip. A usage log would be great so I can see the cell number, time and date of every view.

Can anyone help me here? I am clearly not an enterprise user. Sorry for that.

1 Community Answers

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you for exploring our player. I would be happy to address your questions.
Implementing a login to view videos is something that is outside the scope of our player. You can certainly achieve this behavior but it is not built into our player and would require customization on your side. I am confident that you can find a developer to assist you in implementing this setup.
You can certainly implement a pre-roll ad. Here is our advertising documentation with more information:

You are welcome to reach out to our sales professionals directly through this link to get more information about our subscriptions entitlements:

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