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Half-sphere VR?


How do I tell the VR plugin that I'm pointing it at a half-sphere video stream, rather than a full-sphere video stream?

The reason I'm asking: I've been messing around on my test bench with the 360 demo ( ) and have run into a bit of a problem: With my intended application, the cameras I'll be using are all going to be wall or ceiling mounted, and thus, half-sphere cameras rather than full sphere cameras. I'm also not going to have the kind of server-side processing power needed for the server to do the image manipulations needed to account for it. Thus, I need to be able to tell the player it's a half-sphere video.

So what option do I need, and how do I specify it so that the player knows it's looking at a half-sphere video rather than a full-sphere video?


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JW Player Support Agent  
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At this time we are only supporting full 360 video. However, I have put in a feature request on your behalf.


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Hi Donni,

Thank you.

Thinking about it, I'm guessing that I'll also need some way to specify if it's a wall-mounted or ceiling mounted camera (or potentially floor-mounted, not that I expect that to happen with my implementation), so that people don't feel like they're sideways. For now, though, I suppose I'll need to ask my vendor about full sphere cameras.

- Robert

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