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when video is opened from fancy box popup and then when we close a fancy box popup audio is still playing continuous in safari browser.
We want to stop or pause video after close the fancy box but it doesn't work.

We used this type of method but can't success,

'onClosed' : function() {

'onClosed' : function() {

So please provide the possible solution for this.
Thanx regards,

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When I took a look at your link in Safari, I was able to open the video overlay (fancybox?) and close it again, and see the video (and audio) stop playing when I closed the overlay. Is this the behavior you are looking to create? We are generally unable to provide troubleshooting for custom setups like this, but it may help you to set up a test page following the guidelines here:

After you have set up a basic reproduction page, feel free to send the link and I will take another look.

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