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Platform API auth on frontend with JS

Hello, I'm trying to build an upload form to upload videos to JW Player's platform. But before this I need to authenticate my API calls. I noticed to do this, I must use the API secret. Is it safe to have the API secret on the frontend with JavaScript? Thanks!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Our rate limit is 60 calls per minute as stated below:

“…To ensure fair access for all, usage of is limited to 60 calls per minute. Calls that exceed this rate will result in a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded error and will not be executed…”

In general we highly discourage developers on giving JW Platform to end users for two reasons:
1) Your API key would have to be available to make a call, this poses a security issue
2) Our API limit as mentioned in our Terms of Service

Instead we suggest you setup an intermediate server that will “enqueue” the requests to JW Platform to ensure you stay below the API call limit and protect your API key.

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