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Issues with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming VOD

We are having issues in achieving successful playback of MP4 video files, stored on AWS, and served by Wowza.
Using JWPlayer 6.12.4956 (Pro edition) hosted locally, with a SMIL file generated by Wowza using the jwplayer.smil construct. We always get "Cannot connect to server".

The JWPlayer configuration is like this: (with commercial sensitive redaction - xxxxxxxxx).


curl of the url results in the return of a smil file from the Wowza server:

<meta base="rtmp://" />
<video src="mp4:amazons3/xxxxxxxx-dev/output/xxxxxxx/tester/tester_480.mp4" system-bitrate="1328000" width="854" height="480"/>
<video src="mp4:amazons3/xxxxxxxx-dev/output/xxxxxxx/tester/tester_360.mp4" system-bitrate="848000" width="640" height="360"/>
<video src="mp4:amazons3/xxxxxxxx-dev/output/xxxxxxx/tester/tester_270.mp4" system-bitrate="424000" width="480" height="270"/>
<video src="mp4:amazons3/xxxxxxxx-dev/output/xxxxxxx/tester/tester_234.mp4" system-bitrate="209000" width="416" height="234"/>

There are no rejected requests in the Wowza logs and a similar url played ok in VLC.
We've checked firewalls and crossdomain.xml is

<allow-access-from domain="*" secure="false"/>
<site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="all"/>

Can anyone see why these files are not playing?



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JW Player Support Agent  
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We’ve officially stopped JW6 support last year. However, a suggestion would be to use the sources block to build your quality selector instead of a SMIL file.

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