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Only top half of video displays - JWPlayer 6

For some reason, my videos have suddenly been cut off and only the top half of the video displays

For the past month, everything has been fine so this is a new problem.

I've tried viewing in different browsers Firefox, Edge and Chrome and the problem still persists.

However, when I view the videos themselves in my bucket in Amazon S3 they run fine in all browsers, so it's a problem with embedding them on my website.

I'm using Amazon S3/Cloudfront with JWPlayer 6, and view the videos on my website.

I've tried shortcodes "jwplayer-v6-rtmp-only" and "jwplayer-v6" aswell and no difference, as well as specifying the recommended width and height e.g player_width="480" player_height="270"

However, it fits the player frame if I set an even height and width e.g ="280" player_height="280", but this is no good as people will need to view it in full screen and the problem remains when I expand the video.

Any thoughts?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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You most likely have additional CSS on the page that’s pushing things around. Overall JW6 support was terminated last year, you could try JW7.

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