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Dynamically hide/display buttons


I want to hide the fullscreen button until the user clicks the play button, and then show it again, using javascript.
How can I do it?

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You could use the inspect tool in Chrome to find the elements you want to hide, and then use the JW Player API to either show or hide the button.

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Thanks George

The thing is, that these elements don't have IDs. I wanted to use jwplayer().removeButton(id), but there's only a class property. So, I just used
$(window).on('load', function (e) {
I would like to hide the button earlier, because you can still see it for a split second before it disappears.
If I try hiding it in the player's ready function or in the window ready function, it doesn't work at all, I guess the controls are only ready later.
Do you know if it's possible?


JW Player Support Agent  
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Please send me a test page replicating the issue as described in the document below:

The test page must not contain any additional code or CSS, it must only contain the player and concrete steps to reproduce with expected and actual behavior.

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