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AES HLS 128 and downloads

Hi, i want to stream my videos ( a dozen of them) in a way that if someone tries to download them, they would only be downloaded in small segments. For what i know this is the best technology allows to achive for video streaming security nowadays. If i am correct then i need to know if this is achieved by using the 128 AES HLS technology, and if this is the case, what is the less expensive plan JW offers to use this technology, i know asking for a pay as you go solution may be to much to ask....
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HLS chops the videos into small fragments (usually 4-10 seconds each) but I wouldn’t consider this a security measure. It’s more for adaptive streaming and always displaying the highest quality based on the viewer’s bandwidth. But certainly someone who wants to steal your video would have to jump through some additional hoops in order to put all those fragments into a single video file. Using AES to encrypt each segment is another hoop to jump through, albeit it harder to get around. We create HLS streams for any video you upload to us, but we do not encrypt them for you. Our Enterprise player can play back AES streams, but you would currently need to work with one of our partners to have your streams encrypted.

Another technology we offer is URL signing, which means that each URL you load from your account needs to have a token generated by server-side code (so no one else can see your password, etc). Basically you generate the token on your web site and set the expiration time for that link. If someone tries to copy and paste that link onto social media, etc, the URL will have expired before anyone else can watch the video. Please see for more details.

As for the costs associated, HLS and URL signing are included in all accounts, but you might have to pay for more storage if you upload a lot of videos.

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