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question about Platinum tire

Hi. I’m Yongwoo Kim,

First, thank you for providing a good solution.
We provide Live Broadcasting OTT Service company in S. Korea.

I have some questions about the Platinum tier and send it to you.

1. We only need players in fact. I wonder what the term "500G streaming / month" means in the specification. 500GB is Network Traffic? or another Volume? “200K video plays/month” also.

2. We have our own wowza servers built and serviced. And Include own encoder also. The traffic costs incurred during the service are paid to the users by paying a separate traffic fee internally. So I am wondering what capacity the 500GB streaming / month capacity in the platinum tier means.

I hope you have a pleasant week and a clear answer.

Yongwoo Kim

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Yongwoo,

Streaming limits only apply to content hosted on our platform. If you are hosting your own content, this limit would not apply to you.

A play is counted when the first frame of a video loads on our player, this counts against your limit despite where the content is hosted. The limit for Plays is a soft limit, meaning your account and players will remain active even if you pass your 100,000 monthly limit. We review Plays per account individually to figure out if this is a one time overage or if there’s a pattern of exceeding the limits, in which our Sales team will reach out about upgrading.

Hope this helps,

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