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Upload videos without passwords


I am developer working for a software development agency. I am currently working for one of our clients and looking for opportunities for upload video file from hybrid mobile app to server. I would like to know if is possible file upload to our account without oAuth authentification or whereby the user of the app is not asked for login details/passwords

Do you support server-to-server authentification?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Josh,

In general you cannot connect your clients to our JW Platform api directly.

To ensure fair access for all, usage of is limited to 60 calls per minute. Calls that exceed this rate will result in a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded error and will not be executed. If you need a higher API rate, please contact us to get your account upgraded. Note that calls to do not count towards the API rate limit.

Instead what you’d want to do is have your clients contact your server and queue the posts to our servers as needed.

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