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Can i upload and fetch videos from my own server?

Hello All, I want to upload and get videos from my own host server,is it possible?please answer.....

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I am wondering the same thing. So for example if I get the ADS-package (ads is all I need with this superb player really).
Can I use the player + ads to stream from my own server i.e my own hosted video files?

Have I understood correctly if the bandwidth/hosting space ONLY counts if I am using YOUR "Upload video"-feature?

Answer a.s.a.p please.



JW Player Support Agent  
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Hosting and Streaming limits in the dashboard only apply to content that is uploaded directly to our platform (using the “Upload Video” button). If you host your content on your own server, the hosting and streaming limits will not apply to you. You can add the URLs of your externally hosted content to the dashboard in the Videos section via the “Add Video URL” button. Content URLs added to the dashboard will not be limited to the monthly stream limit.

If you are hosting your content on your own servers you may refer to Method 2 and Method 4 of embedding the player on our Support site.

Please note that Plays count against your limit despite where your content is hosted. A play is counted when the first frame of any video loads on our player.

Hope this helps.

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