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HTML5 VPAID and AdClickThru event (follow up)


Last year i reported a bug regarding the way JW Player handles AdClickthru events in VPAID ads.
Here is the thread about it:
Alex confirmed that it had been added to JW Player internal bug tracker.

I'm creating a new topic (since i can't seem to write in the old one) just to have a follow up on this issue. The problem is still present right now on version 7.8.7 (the one used on JW Player Ad Tester), and the temporary solution that was to omit the <Clickthrough> tag in <VideoClicks> node in the VAST file isn't viable anymore, as some ad servers now reject VAST not including this tag.

There's a line in the release notes of 7.9 beta 1 that could be about that ("Fixed an issue with the handling of VPAID wrapper clickthrough") but is it?

Thank you in advance for the update!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Ben,

Please accept my apology for the delayed response. I am waiting to hear back from our product manager with regards to the change made in the 7.9 beta.

Kind regards,


JW Player Support Agent  
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I just heard back from our product manager. Based on a quick analysis of the old ticket, it seems like this solves the same problem.

Can you check the beta to confirm and report back?

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