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Re: Video content expand/enlarge issue due to transaprent pane at bottom of video in Jwplayer-7.8.7v

Hi Team,

We have an issue with transparent panel(which contains buttons like play/stop,quality,timer)at bottom of the video player in crome browser.
We are using latest version of player i.e 7.8.7, having as issue that video content getting expanded downwards to behind the bottom transparent panel(screenshot attached).
But earlier we have black border at top and bottom of the player and having good quality, now we can see black border at top and border at bottom so video expanding downwards and looks blurred .

--Our Jw- Player configuration as follows:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (screen.width >= 1024) {
setTimeout(function() {
file: 'desktop video url',
provider: 'swf file path of 7.8.7 version',
type: 'mp4',
image: 'image path',
ga: {
idstring: 'string input',
label: 'string input'
primary: "flash",
startingBufferTime: 10,
width: "100%",
height: "450",
stretching: "uniform",
advertising: {
client: "googima",
schedule: {
"tag":" input value"}
// Example handler to catch MediaError events from the JW provider
jwplayer().onError(function(evt) {
}, 2);

I have tried through "aspectratio" but it doesn't work for me please suggest possible ways to resolve this video content expanding issue.
Your help much appreciated.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Please send me a test page replicating the issue as described in the document below:

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