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Webm video cannot be processed after being uploaded


I tried to upload simple webm video file that can be found in manually.

I got this error:

There was an error processing your file: Media file contains no recognized media stream

Any idea?

Thank you.

5 Community Answers

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Sky,

I tested your video in our stream tester and it only played a second of content. It was also playing as a live stream. Please share these issues with your stream provider.

Also, please review the supported browsers from WebM’s documentation to ensure you are in compliance:


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Hello Daniel,

We tried to upload those simple webm into some major video hosting provider (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo) and it played correctly. here the example

But it failed in JWPlayer, here the file

To make success in JWPlayer, we encoding first `ffmpeg -fflags +genpts -i video_path.webm -r 24 new_video_path.webm` then upload.

I think you need that kind of encoding process on your uploading process like Youtube, etc.


Note: The webm video files that you cannot your process is from webcam recording

Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you for the update.



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We're having the same problem with uploading .webm files both manually and via the API. Unfortunately our app can't easily run ffmpeg so this is a major problem for us.
Daniel - is this a known bug that your developers have documented and are working on?


Daniel Berger

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi John,

Can you perhaps send me the video file? I get an access denied error when I visited the link you shared above. You can submit it through the ‘Contact Support’ link in your dashboard if you don’t want to expose your content to the public forum.
Alternatively, can you re-encode your content in mp4 format with Handbrake and then try to re-upload the content?

Here is a helpful document to assist you if you have not yet seen it:

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