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createScriptProcessor and related onaudioprocess event equivalent

Hi there. I looked at the API reference, but was unable to find method to give me access to the audio stream data. Looking for method/event similar to the HTML 5 AUDIO createScriptProcessor onaudioprocess event equivalent to customize the audio played.

Is this possible with the JWPlayer?

Thank you,

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We do not create an audio element when you place an “audio” stream in our player, we always create a video element. Therefore any html5 audio element related API’s are not available when using our player. You could get a handle of the video element by calling jwplayer().getContainer().getElementsByTagName(“video”)0 from within the on.(‘ready’) callback.

var videoTag = playerone.getContainer().getElementsByTagName(“video”)0;
videoTag.setAttribute(“poster”, “”);

Test page that shows how to access the video tag from on(‘ready’)


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Thanks. It is handy to know we can have a poster while playing audio (?).

This does not answer the question if access to the actual audio stream data is possible
I suspect the audio data is not exposed in any way. Still, could you please tell explicitly?


JW Player Support Agent  
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As mentioned, our player creates a video tag. It seems scriptProcessor uses XMLHttpRequest to load the data into the AudioContext. So they don’t seem to be related.

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