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Akamai Playout Problems - JW 7.8.6

We've been using the following plugin for the past couple of years with out issue for both Wowza & Akamai playout:
"flashplayer": "//"
However, we are now experiencing the dreaded spinning wheel from Akamai Edge streams (Wowza is still good Flash or HTML5). Strangely enough, over the period of several minutes, the stream may actually show up.
Akamai is stating that we should be using their flash plugin:
However, I'm not seeing the logic since HTML5 is primary and the fact that we're not seeing these issues from Wowza.

Here are some links (currently no audio on this stream).

Here's our 24/7 live-steam embed link:
JW Platform players (same player as above):
Test player Akamai link:
Test player Wowza link:

We've tried this on different PC's browsers with and without flash. Any of you running into this and any ideas what might be causing this problem?

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Well folks I think I may have finally figured this out. After analyzing the behavior of the manifest caching, it appears this is related to Akamai DVR. Proper caching transfers would be seen every 10 seconds, but the broken caching was a non-stop transfer. Knowing that my Wowza server isn't currently using DVR, it became suspect since I'm using it for Akamai. After disabling, the problem was resolved. To make sure Adaptive bitrates (smil) wasn't part of the mix, I also tested against a single bitrate and the issue still persisted. I should also note that this problem exists from at least 3 different Encoder types (Elemental Live, Cisco AS7100 & Wowza Stream Target). At this point, I'm still not certain if this is an Akamai delivery issue or a JW Player one, but I suspect JW since this appears to have happened following the latest update. I have both Support tickets open with both Akamai and JW - TBD. I'll post the rest of the story as soon as I get an update.
I hope this helps anyone else that's run into this issue.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Sounds about right


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Yes, there is a known bug with our player in HTML5 with DVR streams. I have spoken with our engineers who have mentioned this should be resolved in the upcoming 7.9 release of our player. You can always consult our Release Notes to check on the latest news for our players: as well as sign-up for our Release Channels email:
Randy Lemoine
Primary Support Engineer
JW Player Support Team
JAN 06, 2017 | 05:02PM EST

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