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display list of playlist items below player?

I am self-hosting a bunch of videos, and some of those are arranged in playlists. The playlists, including file, title, description, are formatted as RSS. Here's one example:

I've been using JWPlayer for many years now, and in earlier versions, I was able to display the list of playlist items (including title and description) in a scrollable grid/list below the player. It appears that option has been removed in a recent upgrade. I understand that I can create an html list, as shown here:

All well and good, but it's not as easy to implement as the scrollable list I used to have...

So... am I missing something? I've spent quite a bit of time looking through the documentation, but I can't seem to find an easy way to implement that old feature. Any guidance or pointers in the correct direction would be appreciated.

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I see here you’d like to add a scrollable container with your playlist contents on your page. That functionality was deprecated after JW6. We advice developers to build their own playlists the way they want to using the player API to get the data they need.

Here’s a short example of loading a playlist and creating a scrollable container:

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