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Streaming limit and self hosted

I'm not sure to understand the "streaming" limit on all the plans.

Make a sample: I self host files on Amazon S3 and deliver them by Amazon Cloudfront. I will use JW Player to insert it on web pages where I need to insert video.
As I would like to deliver HLS stream, I planned to subscribe to Premium Plan.
In such a scenario, do 250GB Streaming/month and 100k video plays/month limits will be applied to me even if I'm self hosted?

kind regards

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Hosting and streaming limits only apply to content uploaded directly to our platform. Your content, hosted and delivered by Amazon, would not be restricted by these limits.
Play limits apply to all content despite where it is hosted. A play is counted when the first frame of a video loads on our player. The limit for Plays is a soft limit, meaning your account and players will remain active even if you pass your monthly limit. We review Plays per account individually to figure out if this is a one time overage or if there’s a pattern of exceeding the limits, in which our Sales team will reach out about upgrading.

Hope this helps

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