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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered:

I am trying to implement a video player using JWPlayer. I am a native Android Developer. I did every step in the title of Instantiating a JWPlayerView programmatically in this link:
But When I click to Fullscreen button, video goes landscape but I see a white screen. Not video but sound. In this situation, when I click to back button of Android, it goes to previous activity. And in console, I have a strange error. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Receiver not registered:$HdmiAudioPlugBroadcastReceiver I put this codes to a Fragment not to an Activity.

public void onDestroyView() {
if(playerView != null){
try {
playerView.onDestroy(); // Error is visible right here.
}catch (IllegalArgumentException e){

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For me to reproduce this issue reliably I will need this information about your application:

Android API Build level (16,17… 22):
JW Player SDK for Android version number:
Device make and model where you are experiencing this issue:
Provide step by step instructions on how to reproduce your issue:
JW Player Demo Application Source Code that is also experiencing the issue:

As the last field suggests, please replicate this issue using the JW Player Demo Application and send us a link to a zipped version of the entire Android Studio Project for testing which can be found here:

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