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Hi How To Upload JWPLAYER SERVER FROM LINK this is my question

i can use url but its not uploading it just a remote upload and if other link deleted my video delete also .
if i have url how can upload this video jwplayer , i try CLACK but i can not understand phyton shits can anyone help ? cause i'l get jwplayer pro and i need to learn this .

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JW Player Support Agent  
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We also offer a php example kit on our platform api support page if you don’t want to use python to interact with the platform. How many videos will you be uploading from a URL? If you only will be uploading a few I would suggest you do use CLACK because it’s much easier for one-off calls. A simple example call to upload a file via remote url via CLACK would be

clack c /videos/create "{'download_url': 'XYZ'}"

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