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JWPlayer and Google Analytics Discrepancies

Hi all.

Firstly, we are tracking plays within JWPlayer Analytics and we also have it linked to Google Analytics. However, they are rarely the same. Albeit not by much, we've tracked one video to have 20 Plays in JWPlayer but then 19 plays in Google Analytics. To test further, we created a custom play event method which fired when played and got the same figure in Google Analytics (19). I know it's quite broad, but I cannot figure out why. Does JWPlayer track a play to be just the first time play is hit, or would it accumulate when the player is paused and resumed to add another play?

Furthermore, the domain from which the video is embedded has recently changed from the source website where the player is embedded, but it is now always our DNS masked URL. Is there anyway to prevent this and get the referrer URL instead?

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I am not sure why there would be a difference between your Google Analytics plays and your JW Player analytics plays. As far as the player is concerned, a play is retained in analytics when the initial video play starts. Have you looked at using our API to analyze events fired in the player?

Also, you can see the analytics pings fired in the Network tab using Chrome dev tools, filtering for jwpltx and looking under “query string parameters”.

I am not sure where you have your DNS masking set, is it on an external server, or is it on JW Platform? either way, there is no way for the player to override DNS masking from the server, you may want to serve those videos from the root folder you wish their referring url to point to.


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