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Tracking doesn't work


I googled it for days and couldn't find a solution. I have self hosted player with self hosted mp4 files. I also uploaded the mp4 video URL-s, got the mediaid, wrote it back to all the scripts however there is no analytics recorded.

Why is that?

My only guess is that all my mp4 files are not downloadable directly, they are restricted in htaccess.
So for example if you want to download any mp4 files in the URL it is blocked, but allowed to play it on my site.

So if I check any if the uploaded URLs in the video section I can't play them because if this. Is this why the reporting is not working?
My assumption is that this shouldn't affect my script sending the mediaid and recording them.

Thanks in advance,

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Please ensure that your MediaID is properly referenced in the setup block of each video like the example below:

<div id='video'>Video loading</div>
                   image: "/video.png",
                   file: "/videomp4",
                   mediaid: "eXaMPlE1",
                   width: "100%",
                   aspectratio: "4:3",});

Unsecure URLs (http:) do not play in the preview section within the dashboard, this is a known bug that our team is working on for the next dashboard update release. This bug is isolated only to the dashboard preview page and does not affect embedded videos or analytics. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the help.

I could make it work to show plays and completes on the overview of analytics.
However no content is shown in the content section. Why is that?


JW Player Support Agent  
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I logged into your account and was able to see data in the Content section of your dashboard.

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