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Info about rtmp settings

hi we have a problem with rtmp broadcasting
we stream a live event for auction house so the video need to have the lower delay possible,
we have set the options for remove the buffer but the video start with 3 seconds of delay ( and this is ok )
but during the streaming this delay increase to 4 5 6 ecc seconds.. like if the player buffer the video
what i can try to resync the video to 3 seconds?

thank you

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Often lowering the buffer threshold is the primary method for keeping content latency to a minimum. However if that content lags behind it can become quite difficult to correct. Perhaps you can use the API in a general term to listen for the jwplayer().on(‘bufferChange’) trigger and have the player perform a combination of jwplayer().getDuration() and jwplayer().getPosition() to seek to a later time. This might require some internal coding experience but that might work for you. You can also consult the following page which is a great resource for our API:


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