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Hot Spots on iPhone

Is there a Hot Spot feature ( ) for the iPhone-player in the future?
I would like to add buttons or transparent layers onto a video. These buttons/layers should jump to another point in the video or jump to another video.

If not, is there the possibillity, to make a workaround/script?
I think, the only solution is a automatic switching (by video end trigger) to a HTML-div with the buttons. Is that right?

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I have a test page here with a custom overlay on top of the player that allow users to change playback speed:

The concept is the same, place the player with absolute positioning and make sure the z-index is set for your overlay items. You can then call any function you’d like.


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Thanks, this works.
But why does this work? At the hot spots page of jwplayer is written:
"Since the link icons are rendered in HTML, they work on desktop browsers, iPads and Androids. The iPhone has no custom controls during video playback, so it is excluded for now."
I found this:

So, I guess, your example is only working with iOS10-devices?


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Hello Francois,

Yes, you’ll need an iOS version that supports inline video playback.

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